Rotaphor V6 Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis

Latest Version from 08.09.2010

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This page contains everything you need to try or update the software for controlling the pulsed field electrophoresis apparatus "Rotaphor".

The software might be used without the chamber, since an additional window allows the manual simulation of the signals coming usually from the apparatus.


  1. The Rotaphor Installer needs some funktions of the DotNet library 1.1. If this library is not jet available on your computer (the Rotaphor Installer checks for availability and requests installation if necessary), please download theDotNet library and install it. Please mind that administrator rights are necessary for this task and the license needs to be accepted. The installation process take sometimes very long especially when "0 minutes left" are shown. Please be patient and wait for a window reporting the end of the installation. If the DotNet library is already available on your coputer, skip this step.

  2. In order to install the Rotaphor-Program, please download Rotaphor V6.07.04 (~2 MB). This Windows Installer leads you through the installation. If you want to provide access for all users, choose "Everyone" during the installation process. For easy later updates we recommend accepting the installation path offerd by the program. Administrator rights are essential for this procedure.

  3. If you want to update only a previous version of the Rotaphor program, please use this selfextracting Updater. It is functional only with an english version of windows. The german version might be found here. With recent windows versions, the Updater needs to be started as Administrator to allow the replacement of old files.

If you have any requests, suggestions or pictures of nice separations, please send an email.

We hope you enjoy this software

Your Rotaphor Team

Last Changes:

2.6.04 V6.1.02 Handbook added, Indexproblems removed, Informations added to Logbook
3.6.04 V6.1.03 Connection to hardware lost bug removed
9.7.04 V6.1.10 Autostart restricted to crashes (e.g. due to a power failure), display of wrong gel scans removed, switching off the buffer circulation during temperature calibration inverted, help updated, handbook corrected
4.9.04 V6.1.11 Temperature control hystereses improved, display of temperature if temperature is out of range, program works now without administrator rights
4.9.04 V6.1.12 Steps lost display problem solved, Thread Priorities adjusted, Service display option added, Program inkompatibily message added and solution for continuation of elektrophoresis implemented
23.11.04 V6.1.15 Autostart language bug removed, Index problem with chinese Windows removed, program does not start with chinese Windows removed, simplified chinese as user language enabled
22.12.04 V6.1.16 German special characters are displayed again
01.02.05 V6.1.17 Userinformation will be storded at a place conform to Windows rules
10.02.05 V6.1.18 Logfile may be saved, Speed reduction with Interference errors activated, Helpsystem updated
28.02.05 V6.1.20 Logfiles with Backups now all savable, some timing problems removed
01.03.05 V6.2.0 Final Version for delivery
21.04.05 V6.2.1 Sorting Problem in User Account Administration solved
03.04.06 V6.3.01 Menue topic "Calibrate Temperature" reformulated
Detection and eliminataion of user errors during temperature calibration
Online help and manual was updated.
31.06.06 V6.4.01 Tolerance of light barrier detection improvedt
Addition "Service Logbook Entries" implemented.
07.07.06 V6.4.02 Program may now be ended during user selection and user definition.
12.07.06 V6.4.03 Running a second instance of the Rotaphor program is now prevented to avoid hardware blockage
16.07.06 V6.4.04 Very fast restart after an error message sometimes blocked all further inputs. Eliminated.
31.07.06 V6.5.01 Application of a second dimension did position the rotor sometimes wrong. Eliminated
Interval und angle parameters are now hidden during a standard electrophoresis.
Input of physically impossible values during temperature calibration reactivates default values.
27.08.06 V6.5.2 Minor improvements in user interface, tests without power supply enabled.
28.03.07 V6.5.3 Automatic stop of alarm when lid is opened, Error behaviour after "Power supply removed during use" improved, simulation of power failure reenabled in demo mode
12.06.07 V6.5.4

Interrupt times modified to have same rotor velocity for alls computers.

V6.5.5 Problem resulting from update (V6.5.3) with power failure eliminated, handbook updated
V6.6.1 Menue rotor velocity renamed to options and new choices added: High tolerance for problems with positioning and reduction of irrelevant messages
6.06.03 Kalkulation of glitches regarding the ligt barrier improved
6.06.04 Lightbarrier glitch korrection limited to a physically useful value, because nonsense values after power failures prevented continuation of the elektrophoresis.
10.09.2009 6.06.06 Messages for log improved. No automatic restart when program terminated after Current too High error.
01.06.2010 6.07.02 New computers have timing problems. The interference tolerance improved, limit for velocity reduction elevated.
30.06.2010 6.07.03 More timing problems: new regime to deal with this problem established. Velocity reduction eliminated. Log messages for this problem improved.
07.09.2010 6.07.04 Some computers show disconnects and strong interference. Number of transfers during rotormovement reduced and reconnect regime established.
09.10.2010 6.07.04a Device driver of chip manufacturer prevents Rotaphor program from reconnecting to chamber if restarted. Replaced with working version. Rotaphor program unchanged

Updated 10.10.2010